Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its the first day of School today and I dont feel like going to school at all........ I somehow miss the time when I just sit at home and do nothing..... I want to go back to December, when we go malacca for fun...... awh.... I miss that time!

anyway, School wasn't that bad after all. I see a couple of cute guys in Uni, some really hot gals. It kind of made my day!

Class isn't that bad either, except for the BTH lecturer.... she basically just reads out everything that's from the lecture slides and the way she reads it sucks more...... other lecturers are all good...

I am super stressed up now.... I cant sleep although I am tired, I cant breath properly, I constantly got butterflies inside my stomach, the feeling is like me being in love again.... but too bad, I am not! :(

I am emotionally down now, when I look at the questions in the lab manual, I feel like crying.... Ive nv been so stressed up before except for the period before exam, but this is different. Today is just the first day of Uni and I am ady feeling like shit!

I need a person to let me lean onto but where are u...... u said u will be there for me always but where are u now? I need you! I just want somebody to just hug me tightly and stroke my hair telling me everything is gonna be okay. That's all I need.

I just hope everything will turn out fine..... *prays hard*

ps: how come u didnt come online recently? I missed u!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I just want you to know that I trust you a lot. That's why I am telling you everything that's going on in my life. Sometimes, I would really hope for something in return, just like u said, updating each other? but well, I guessed things are a lil' different now. It seem like I am the only one telling stories.

well, I don't know what's your interpretation of the word 'friends'. All I do know is, when I trust someone and tell them all my secrets, I expect the someone will trust me too! I want it to be a mutual thing.

and I don't like it when someone say that I am kp, (I think its only you calling me that.) because its not like I am going to share your secrets with everyone, rit? I keep the secrets to myself. I am kind of hurt sometimes when you are hiding stuff from me, because it makes think that either you don't like me and you don't want to tell me your thing or you don't treat me as a trusty friend that can share stuff with... I always thought you will share everything with me, always, til 2 days ago.

It hurts me a lot

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seldom update my blog last year because of the crappy internet connection I am using in Sun u. Well, a lot of stuff had happened in 2010...... Got to know some new friends, lost some close friends....

I miss my previous housemates a lot especially u! wanna leave room for suspension. hehe......

Was busy baking new year biscuits these few days...... they are all nice!

I am proud of myself because I finally got over u.... and I almost used like one year?? maybe a lil less than that..... well, I am now looking into the future and not the past anymore.... yeah for me!!!!

bought something for myself from British India.... its soooooooo comfy!!!!!

awh~ my sissy's babi is calling.... well, I AM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Its quite fun to use ppl's fb acc to post something on their wall, especially when u have some inspiration! like the barbie dolls.... haha!!!! and I am planning summore.... need some suggestions from the girls, I am sick of using the gay topic ady..... and the barbie dolls.... haha... its the bomb!

anyway, I got nth to write anymore.... so gotta go!!!! ciaoz wer dude!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I am missing you damn badly romeo.....

Went Maison yesterday with housemates!

The initial plan was to go MOS but lalala...... we went luna bar and lalala..... ended up at Maison.

NO pics taken, the place is too crowded with lala's everywhere and we saw a sparkling Myvi.

Our unit is damn happening, with food disappearing themselves and shampoo, conditioner became lesser and lesser and a lot of drama.

I am very sure that it's not the maid... u know, a bit of info here and there but how to catch her red handed...... I wonder

I just realised knowing a person too much is not that good. Like now, I get easily irritated by people. It's not that I am lansi or whatsoever but u know.... sometimes when you know a person too much, and the stuff they do will kind of irritate u even tiny lil' things.

I missed you!
o ya! Made up my mind to stop the chemical reaction, so I Will start another new "experiment" again. Not so soon since I don't have the reactant to start with but I believe, soon. *wait wait wait*

It's gonna be week 9 soon......

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life isn't treating me that good recently, or should I say since my dad's diagnosed with cancer again. I realised I don't feel the same as before. I lost my appetite and sometimes I just don't feel moving anymore. I feel like there's this really huge stuff inside my stomach doing something strange to me..... I started praying a lot, waking up early in the sunday morning going to church.

I am scared of losing something I am having now. Family, friends and my property..... ok~ property as in pen, pencils, ruler, rubber, etc.

As usual, after lunch, went computer lab, got really emo and yea..... can't really hold back my tears anymore. Thanks Amy for writing me that note and not offering me tissue.

Some days, I don't even feel like saying hi or talking to anyone. I just lose interest in talking. But I know, life still goes on...... grrrrr~~~~

& I am going back to JB for the really long weekend!

I've been thinking of you a lot recently, like today during physiology lecture. Wonder what you are doing now, what are you up to recently and stuff. I felt like calling you but I realised it is impossible for me to contact you through phone. It's like totally impossible. The only way to contact you is like..... geez~ only through MSN? FB? and you don't even reply my email. & I know I am supposed to be listening in class.

and sometimes even when you are online, I wanted to talk to you but I am scared that you are too busy to even say hi to me. I would really want to let you know that I really need you now, to at least pat my head and squeeze my shoulder or give me a warm hug if you want to. & I've got lots to tell you, about things that's going on around me.

I guess, I Will have to give up on all these thoughts tho...... it's like so impossible to happen because you are like so far away. Even if you are near me, things will never be the same again.

what an emo post..... but I feel better now..... grrrr~~~ physiology is killing me. After today's lecture, I don't think I want babies in the future....

The any nasi goreng at poolside has shrunk in size because I can finish the rice now!
IT's too little for me tho....

Friday, August 13, 2010

New semester!

Lab reports are killing me.....

& the annoying fei po who puts her leg on ppl's chair....

& the irritating small one.......

finds it real funny when I type something in BM.
like today, I pretended to be yang gemuk tu's maid
bawa makanan pergi uni tuk yang gemuk tu....
surprised that susan still replied

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's complicated

It's raining again, got into a car accident yesterday.

Romeo went for castration and he's officially my 'sis' now, he looks extremely adorable with the cone thing attached to his neck.

Had a nightmare last night and it kind of makes me think a lot when I woke up. Had been spending my day thinking about it, tidying up my room, do laundry, studied a few pages of chemistry.

I already hid all of the updates but still, sometimes my itchy hands will still, you know, click on the thing. Yea! it's like a curse, once I clicked on it, I will be moody for a few days.

I have been telling myself, it's time to let everything go since it's history. oh well, don't we still study history now?? I want to forget about the past, and sometimes I wonder, why everything I once treasured dearly, loved has to go to the same fucking city. YES! everything, everyone.

Bah! I used to have at least some hope for 'the thing', but now, I guess I shall let go of any hopes I still have and stop dreaming and hoping for those korean drama scene to happen.

YEA! That's about it, gonna continue studying now.